A China Airlines B747F (Photo: Eric Salard/Flickr)
China Airlines orders four additional Boeing 777F, One 747F suffers engine damages

The new order will bring its 777F fleet to ten while one 747F suffers engine damage in O’Hare


  • Three Boeing 777F have already been delivered
  • Deliveries to commence until 2024

Taiwan-based China Airlines has ordered four additional Boeing 777 Freighter, bringing its total fleet for the type to ten with three that have already been delivered to the airline since its onboarding in December 2020.

Two more 777F will be delivered this year while the rest will be delivered between 2023 and 2024.

Together with its eight Boeing 747F aircraft, it would considerably boost the airline’s cargo carrying capacity which helped greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic where it saw robust demand for cargo and anticipate a sustained demand for cargo space.

In 2021, China Airlines broke multiple records including sending more than 100 cargo charter flights in one month, surpassing TWD15.4 billion in single-month revenue in December, exceeding TWD10 billion in cargo revenue for five consecutive months, and earning more than TWD100 billion in cargo revenue for the entire year.

One Boeing 747F suffers serious engine damages at O’Hare

On January 28, 2022, A China Airlines Boeing 747F suffered serious engine damages to both number 1 and 2 engines while taxiing to the cargo terminal.

The aircraft, registered B-18715, was flying from Taipei via Anchorage as CI5240 and landed at Chicago O’Hare runway 28C at 5.10 am local time.

As shown in the video below, heavy snow was covering the taxiway and the aircraft slipped off the taxiway during a turn at a higher than usual taxi speed. The left wing plowed through a baggage container area, with one container being ingested through the no.1 engine and contacted several containers along the way while the no.2 engine suffered more extensive damage due to it hitting several baggage dollies before coming to a stop.

The return flight, CI5239, scheduled to depart at 8.20 am, was cancelled.

Video of the incident

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