A JetBlue A220 in front of JetBlue hangar (Photo: JetBlue)
JetBlue converts 30 Airbus A220 options into firm orders

New firm order allow it to accelerate Embraer 190 fleet retirement to 2026


  • Total A220 firm order, including those in service to 100
  • Last Embraer 190 to leave airline by 2026

JetBlue has exercised its option to convert an additional 30 Airbus A220-300 aircraft into firm orders, bringing its total order, including those already operating in its fleet to 100.

In July 2018, JetBlue announced that it is ordering 60 A220 with the option to purchase an additional 60 of the same model. It converted 10 of its 60 on option in 2019, increasing its firm order to 70.

With the additional 30 converted orders, JetBlue’s remaining A220 option to purchase will dwindle down to just 20 aircraft and enable it to accelerate the retirement of its Embraer 190 fleet, with the last E190 to leave the airline by 2026.

Jetblue received its first A220 in December 2020, equipped with 140 Collins Meridian seats in a 2-3 layout. To keep customers entertained, In-flight entertainment by THALES Avant is installed at every seat and free high-speed Fly-Fi® allows customers to connect an unlimited number of devices to stream, surf, or chat during the flight, from gate to gate.

JetBlue currently operates eight A220-300, with the ninth A220 scheduled to be delivered later this month. Nine more A220 are to be delivered in 2022, followed by another 21 aircraft in 2023.

“We’re already seeing benefits from the eight Airbus A220 we’ve added to the fleet, and we’re happy to have more on the way”

JetBlue CEO, Robin Hayes

“It is very rewarding to see a happy customer coming back for more aircraft not even a year after entry into service of its first A220”

Airbus CCO and Head of Airbus International, Christian Scherer

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